Club Paradise Divers

Coral Planting

In 1998 the whole country along with the rest of the world suffered through one of the worst El Nino episodes in modern time. We lost a lot of our coral cover. Certain portions of our reef, because of the location in a quiet cove which is devoid of strong current are now coral nurseries where we transplant coral “rescues” and fragments from other healthy reefs in our area.

Clam Seeding

We have “planted” more than a hundred clams of 5 different species in the reef across from the bar and pool area. These bivalves were picked up by a team of both recreational and professional divers on a “transition trip” from Tubbataha to Batangas in June of 2015. We toured the hatchery to see hundred of clams of different ages with Dr.Ronnie Estrellada providing information to our curious divers and friends.

We are hoping these clams will grow into spawning age and be able to help repopulate the reefs around the area.

Photo Gallery