Palawan Scuba Diving

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Boat Dives

Full day diving at APO Reef

Enjoy a day of Scuba Diving at the world renowned APO reef. Descend into the crystal clear waters surrounding APO and enjoy the majestic wall dives this reef has to offer. See a diverse range of marine life with scores of Red Tooth Triggers and Banner Fish to some larger Pelagics such as Eagle Rays, Blue Tooth Tuna, Schooling Barracuda and Jacks. If you’re really lucky you even might spot a Hammerhead or Whaleshark. Experience the thrill of flying as the ocean’s currents push you along the pristine coral walls. APO Reef National Marine Park is 1.5 to 2 hours speed boat ride from Dimakya island . Enjoy the two dives with lunch on the beach and be back in time for sunset cocktails.

(Please note this trip is weather permitting and minimum numbers required)

Whole day dugong watching or diving

Dugong Watching Dive or Snorkeling is from 8:OO AM until 1:30 PM. We offer dive or snorkel trips to Calauit island where you are able to encounter natures only herbivore marine mammal. The population is approximately 40 left in the wild. Calauit is a shallow feeding ground where 2-3 Dugong are known to graze regularly on the sea grasses. Club Paradise dive pros and local guide will be there to accompany you for an unforgettable up-close and personal experience with these enchanting creatures. The trip is weather permitting and does not operate on Sundays. Lunch is included.

(Not Available on Sunday)

Diboyuyan Island

Only 20 minutes by outrigger boat from Club Paradise going east, the locals are designated as caretakers of the island have done a good job of disallowing fishermen from coming close. In effect , transforming the place into an unofficial marine sanctuary. Divers are happy exploring the reef that stretches to about 1.2 kilometers from north to south.

Rock Island

Rock Island’s proximity to Club Paradise allows divers to find its resident green turtles scrounging around the area. Barrel sponges likewise reveal a number of critters. The highlight of the dive is a swim thru at 3 to 5 meters depth in between a channel that separates the 2 limestone rock formation protruding out of the water.

Beach Entry Dives

Single tank dive House Reef

An easy beach entry from the dive center brings you face to face with not one, but two schools of fishes. Do a dive in the early morning or late afternoon and the schools change shapes as trevallies zoom into the scads or jacks for a quick meal.

Single tank dive Clam Reef

Another beach entry from the bar area brings you to the fringing reef that surrounds parts of the island. Nudibranchs, frogfishes and other interesting marine life inhabit these reefs.

Unlimited Day Dives House Reef/Clam Garden

Enjoy all day diving, as you explore between our two reefs!

Night Dive

Enjoy a night dive at either one of the house or clam reefs! Explore the wonders of the ocean at night.